How to find a Master Thesis topic – Guide

Finding a master thesis topic is not always easy. At the end of a degree course, writing a final thesis (bachelor thesis, master thesis, diploma thesis, dissertation, etc.) is a final hurdle. Once you’ve completed all the seminars, lectures, colloquia, and the like required in your curriculum, you’ll be busy choosing a topic for your bachelor thesis or master’s thesis. This involves not only the selection college essay writing service of a topic to be completed within the prescribed time limit, but also the consideration of which supervisor is best suited to support you in your project.

The choice of topic is an essential part of the writing process, which must be completed before any other work that has to be completed in the course of writing a scientific paper, for example, structure and structure, research work and literature review. In addition, he should be completed before the application of the bachelor thesis or master thesis at the Examination Office. Inform yourself about certain deadlines that you have to comply with! As a rule, you only have a certain amount of time between the registration at the examination office and the submission of the finished thesis. This is part of any good planning of a housework, and thesis. If you think about the subject only after the registration, you lose in most cases a lot of valuable time, which you later go missing in the search, the literature search and writing.

The topic of a master thesis

The choice of topics is a complex process that usually takes a lot of time. For this reason, it is advisable that you think about a possible topic at an early stage, because many aspects have to be considered in the course of the choice of topic. It should be noted that the quality of the topic usually directly determines the quality of the bachelor thesis or master’s thesis.

The following questions serve as a suggestion to find a suitable topic:

  • Which subject or topic interests you most?
  • Would you like to specialize in a particular field of study in the course of your thesis because you also need it in your later career?
  • Do you intend to continue your education after the bachelor thesis or master thesis? Are you looking for a scientific career?
  • For whom or for which companies and institutions could your chosen topic be relevant?
  • In the course of your studies did you come across a topic during a seminar, a lecture or a lecture that interested you very much?

It is important in all considerations that you can identify with the topic. It does not do much to pick a topic out of “strategic” considerations. Usually, writing a thesis is a long process that is easier to do if you are very interested in the topic you are studying. Otherwise it is possible that one loses motivation – not a few drop their studies due to such problems!

Methods of topic selection

In order to find an adequate topic for your bachelor thesis or master thesis, there are several suggestions or methods. However, it is important to clarify in advance what the goal should be, which you must pursue with your work. Is it enough to write a literary work? Or does your bachelor thesis or master’s thesis have to include a high proportion of your own research work? In this regard, on the one hand differ the different types of theses, but also on the part of the supervisors and reviewers, there are different views.

The following list is a pool of possibilities to draw from to find a suitable topic.

Consider whether you encountered interesting aspects of your department during the course of your studies that you could take up in the course of your examination. Maybe you have already developed your own ideas to think ahead, expand or revisit a specific topic.

Search the relevant literature, search through source directories, and check libraries in semester handbooks and keyword catalogs! Thus, you get an overview of possible topics, from which you can formulate a specific question.

Contact your supervisor and ask if he has a list of possible topics. Good cooperation with the supervisor is very important. In most cases, however, your supervisor will want to make sure that students make their own topic suggestions. In this case, consider in advance a possible topic that you can discuss with him. Research in advance, because sometimes you can find relevant listings and templates

Further methods for topic selection

In some fields of study there is the possibility to write the thesis in a company. Your advantage is that this way you establish contact with a company that you may be able to work for after graduation. Other benefits include being able to be paid to build the work, and having recourse to in-house resources. One drawback, however, is that bachelor’s theses and master’s theses written for a company tend to be banned because they contain sensitive company data that should not be leaked to the public.

A topic selection resource is topic pools that exist for some disciplines. Research in this regard on the Internet!

Look for references from lecturers and professors to unanswered research questions. In some cases, useful but still unanswered topics are addressed in lectures, colloquia and seminars.

References to still unresolved research questions can be found in scientific literature on the subject.

Which properties must have an adequate topic?

Finding a topic for a bachelor thesis or master thesis is a process that must be completed at a very early stage of the thesis. An efficient planning and writing of your bachelor thesis is only possible if the topic is exactly fixed. If this is not the case, the result is usually a scientific paper whose meaningfulness is diminished, since it is either too superficial, does not exactly hit the heart of the problem or is incongruent in itself. The following aspects must therefore be taken into account:

Be sure to narrow down your chosen topic and choose only a small subset of a large topic.

Your topic must have a professional connection to your studies, because with the bachelor thesis or master thesis you conclude this.

Research whether there is enough secondary literature to work up the topic adequately!

Choose an up-to-date topic to relate to current research.

It is also important that it is a topic that has not yet been dealt with in the form you have chosen, because a claim of science is to create new knowledge.

The choice of the supervisor of the master thesis

Closely related to the choice of topic is the selection of a suitable supervisor. Since every professor has specific research priorities, it is understandable that not everyone can cover all sorts of topics. Therefore, already in the course of the choice of topic, consider which of the available lecturers can best serve your desired topic!

To make sure that your dream supervisor has enough time to supervise your bachelor thesis or master thesis, it is advisable to contact him early. You benefit from discussing initial questions regarding the planned topic choice at a very early stage of the thesis. It is possible that in these first conversations you will already receive concrete suggestions for topics or valuable hints that will simplify your search for an adequate topic!